Welcome all to my Author Website!

I'm proud to announce that The Nine Lives of Summer, my 10th published book, and my 4th cat book, came out in paperback/ebook worldwide  on 1st March 2023.


It is what is known as a 'crossover' title - a book for children (7+) AND adults, especially cat-lovers.


Reviews have been excellent - in YOUR CAT magazine and others, plus genuine reviews on USA Amazon, NetGalley, are mostly 5 and 4 star. As have sales worldwide, paperback & ebook.


March was the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first, A Cat Called Dog, which is still very popular - it spawned a shorter child-friendly version and a sequel A Cat Called Dog 2 - The One with the Kittens (2017) - which, for some unknown reason, is borrowed from UK libraries a lot (2nd of my borrowed books; SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE is number 1). Film rights/options interest for all of them.


That is what is great about books - they are born & remain. A bit like paper children who go on to live lives of their own, which you, the mere author/birth parent can't control even if you want to, just as you can't decide what meaning readers read into your stories.


Books LAST and are there for evermore. I love that. Unlike all the drivel and dross online, all the pointless reviews by attention-seeking talentless BS merchants on amoral tax-dodging exploitative Amazon and its subsidiary Goodreads which is just as bad (which I now boycott, except to sell my last three KDP-published books). They matter and they remain. There is no bad to books. THERE IS NO BAD TO BOOKS.


I am SO proud to have published 10 books since 2010.


That is well over half a million well-written words, bought & read by diverse readers worldwide (esp USA, Germany & Scandinavia for some reason).


Plenty of famous fans too: politicians (MPs, lords), household names (David Attenborough sent me 12 letters, Vera Lynn emailed me when she was 101 years old, Lady Anne Dodd, Julia Baird - John Lennon's sister...). The largest creative agency in LA even got in touch. Yup, Hollywood!



And...I've just received a lovely contact from a reader/cat fan in the Far East inviting me to visit, which is great! Japan, South Korea, maybe more. Watch this space for news. I had NO idea I had even readers there until today!They adore all my 4 cat books. So my next book tour probably, next year. Better start brushing up my Japanese!



I have readers all over the world now who spontaneously get in touch from time to time. Some big fans in Germany - I may visit there again next year too. I've been a few times, but many years ago, and my German is ropey BUT I could do more Nazi and WWII research for future books; & I've never visited Hamburg (where my 4th cousin twice removed was the posh British officer in charge post WWII) and Munich and all Bavaria, so...looking forward to it.


I shall also visit Israel next year to meet a beautiful, brave people in THEIR homeland. I shall use the big compenstion I shall be receiving for being the target of anti-Semitic racist hate and abuse to travel and stay there (oh the sweet SWEET irony), and then some. I may live and work there in future. We'll see. I shall certainly share my experience of being attacked by malicious hatemonger anti-semites in the UK who accuse anyone supporting Israel/Jews of 'racism' and even manage to mobilise the UK police in their racist hate campaigns of revenge (a news story soon, watch this space). These types think if you dare criticise anyone of colour & faith, then you are racist - EVEN IF you are critcising a racist anti-semitic mob of mostly Asian Muslims targeting a branch of KFC for the crime of feeding chicken to Jews, and say so on Twitter. The claim that to criticise that Jew-hating mobs is racist is absurd and those who make such claims WILL be exposed and no doubt the media will name & shame them, get their faces on TV. I cannot wait. I shall give anyone a TV/radio/press interview about this. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I am the victim, the one attacked by someone on MY book pages on Goodreads esp. which a malicious hater infected with abuse & harassment for many months (I have copies of EVERYTHING, scans, screenshots).



Also, my books all sell, collectively THOUSANDS since 2010.


THE NINE LIVES OF SUMMER has sold well, as I mentioned (the average sales for a first novel incl from major publishers is just 400 and 70% books lose money, incl those from the big publishers); my 2021 quote book THINKING TIME has sold loads of ebook copies and still sells every year with NO PROMOTION from me or adverts; my poetry debut THE LOVED ONES has sold too, but sales are not THE focus of a quality poetry collection of course (the former Welsh national poet only sold 150 of her last collection, with all that backing and PR). Great reviews for all from honest readers and real influence of my three satirical novels, which are studied in universities and have been read by highly influential people worldwide (CRUMP 2010); RASMUS (2016), SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE - CRUMP II (2020). These are serious novels for intellgent readers (not sluchy fluffy silly genre fiction for Goodreads ebooks) and they matter and they have lasted. The usual revenge reviews from haters and fake reviewers from my malicious cyberstalker (STILL THERE on Amazon and Goodreads despite complaints - I can PROVE that reviewer did not buy or read that book or even pages; the hater read a sample only then trashed my book in revenge against me. SAD!) Such haters diminish themselves, but when THEY claim to be the victim after spewing abuse, THEN the crybullies need to be challenges, the professional victims exposed for what they are - and the media will do that soon.


I KNOW when reviewers online are LYING, however, and posting fake reviews BECAUSE I am not JUST the author of my last 3 books but the publisher too, SO I have access to ALL sales data, ebooks, page reads, location of sales, the lots. ALL STATS (including how many hits THIS website gets and who and where they are LOL). So I can tell if any nasty malicious one star review posted by someone with a grudge was posted by someone who had not bought the book. WITH EVIDENCE. I can PROVE the trash reviewer did not buy/read the eBook - and also how many page reads THE LOVED ONES got in that month, October 2023 - so the trash reviewer read a SAMPLE, 12 pages on the data graph. 12 pages! That is what the graph says. Yet the reviewer claims '100% honest reviews' on Goodreads/Amazon. LIAR OUTED right there with digital evidence ANY court would accept too (thouugh corrupt amoral Goodreads/Amazon do not, JUST because the fake reviewer provides them with free copy, thousands of ignorant ranting reviews in the last 12 years, over half a million years of pointless drivel by a sad talent-free non-author).  SO that is a lie REVENGE review then, a fake malicious hateful review, which I can prove, with IT data, in ANY context (legal, court, police, media - and thanks Goodreads for confirmation of the hater inciting third parties to join a hate campaign against me - that exposes the lies of my abuser). Now THAT is evidence.


WHY do people do such things? Just nasty & hateful? Mentally ill? Deranged? Psychopathic? Toxic narcissist? Maybe, but it seems REVENGE is the main motivation of such twisted malicious individuals - pure vengeance dripping with hate and evil. And Power. Of course, lying (esp to police) can be a very serious offence. I can prove when people have lied and will make all my data available to anyone for any legal purposes.I love IT data - I can prove my hater's review is a scam and not honest as onloy 12 pages were read when the reviewer claimed they read the whole book THE LOVED ONES. Liar liar liar!


The media and press can see the evidence too. Just drop me a line. Then you can interview me and my abuser too, my  OWN PERSONAL BABY REINDEER STALKER. Now that is a headline!  It is your call - I LOVE the free press. I was a features journalist only but admire newshounds who expose corruption - I really do - as the press did with the post office scandal (the corrupt police to blame for that).


My deranged obsessive loonie cyberstalker is my BIGGEST FAN of course, stalking me all over the internet including on this my author website which hardly anyone else looks at - I can see data about who visits this page, when, how, SO THERE. Fill yer boots, bitch! MY RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I shall NOT be silenced. My RIGHT to freedom of thought and expression and speech IN LAW - and if you do not get that, you soon will, when this is a news story and TV comes calling. I am always happy to do interviews, TV, whatever - just contact me for that. At a time of my choosing, this news story will break. I cannot wait. The disgusting corrupt police who told me I had no right to write fiction (WTF?) and no right to criticise religion (WTF!) will be the focus too, as their behaviour is disgusting corrupt (they disgracefully did the bidding of a proven anti-semitic liar denouncing me as racist because I supported Israel and defended Jews on Twitter against racist mobs. Yes really,. Police think that makes me racist, defending Jews against a racist mob. SHOCKING).


And may I remind you - and all my other cyberstalkers with snouts - WHO posted abuse at WHOM and on WHOSE book pages on Goodreads. Yes that's right. it was not me who posted any abuse against anyone on their book pages (well they have none as they are not an author as they have no talent). MY Goodreads book pages were polluted by filth, real abuse and lies in numerous comments spewed by a disgusting twisted malicious loon pursing a hate campaign of revenge with a real pattern of harassment against me - aon the page of MY BEAUTIFUL book THE NINE LIVES OF SUMMER mostly (though 3 of my other books too, under 2 names, a REAL hate campaign right there - and my hater had not read thjose 3 books yet saw fit to spew abuse about them as supposed 'honest' reviews. Yeah right! GOODREADS not removing those comments of my abuser is a joke and THEY will be exposed for the amoral dodgy shitheads they are too). Over 5000 words of hate and abuse spewed by the deranged hater after ,y beautiful cat book - a CAT book, ffs,. For kids and adults (not just kids, the THICKO hater cannot even reda the fecking blurb!). I complained to Goodreads about those comments and disgustingly they chose not to remove them (but BOY did the comments vanish fast after police saw them eh? Because they show clearly that I AM THE VICTIM of abuse and harassment, over 4 months, the victim of a deranged spiteful twisted obsessive crybully who is the abuser harassing me, not the victim at all). Some of the hater's comments remain, of course. See below. Inciting third parties to hate on me is what the crybully does for 3 books of mine they have not read. I have ALL EVIDENCE scanned, sceenshots, copies, MANY THOUSANDS of words of abuse spewed at me on MY BOOK PAGES on Goodreads. MY BOOK PAGES. Not yours. Mine. What sort of twisted malicious witch hijacks an author's book pages to spew hate and abuse at him for 4 months, including REAL lies & defamation, JUST because they are triggered because the author calls out a deranged mentalist loonie thicko review claiming a cat book is a threat and danger to children (WHAT A MENTAL CASE!). No wonder I was angered and triggered - anyone would be. And anyone would and will understand how the victim (me) would feel seeing his own book page hijacked by a nasty malicious malevolent manipulative bully who then OF COURSE plays the victim when the author responds as anyone would in the circumstances. In a court anywhere or the court of public opinion. THIS IS THE TRUTH - just ask, WHO posted abuse on whose book pages on Goodreads? THAT shows who the victim is. It is me. The media will see that too and any court if they have to - and I shall ensure FULL PUBLICITY for this. so my cyberstalker gets the fame the twisted evil disease of a failed human being deserves. The great British press are wonderful, and I leave it to them. I have nothing to hide. LET'S MAKE THIS STORY FAMOUS! Hold on to your hats. Fame is coming with the justice, bitches! And I shall be compensated for the stress, pain, disruption, reputational damage, trauma and financial loss I have suffered too. That is my mission in life now, for years if necessary. I never give up & I shall win. The end.




So I put it to my fans, friends, enemies, cyberstalkers a HYPOTHETICAL scenario:


if a deranged hatemonger hijacks an author's book page on Goodreads, (as well as leaving provably fake nasty malicious reviews for the author's other books out of pure hatred and revenge), and incites third parties to get the author banned from the deeply amoral shysters of Goodreads, then spends the next 4 months posting numerous comments, 10,000 words of bile, just vile abuse, false accusations, disgusting allegations, provable lies and defamation - IS THE ABUSED AND ATTACKED AUTHOR IN THE WRONG? Or is the inividual who has hijacked his book pages to spew thousands of words of abuse at him in the wrong? WHO is the abuser here? Even if the author responds where they can, on any blog etc, is that wrong? If so, why? WHY should the author stay silent while his abuser spwes abuse at will on HIS book page on Goodreads for 4 months? Because the abuser has incited third parties to get the author banned from his OWN book pages which the abuser has hijacked on Goodreads, he cannot reply there - because someone hellbent on revenge has maliciously taken over the author's bookpage and incited third parties to join in the bullying and targeting of him, to trash his reputation, try to destroy his career and life. THAT IS HARASSMENT, surely? Malicious intent. Just SO nasty, snide, spiteful, malicous, twisted, bullying, mentally obsessive, psychopathic, evil even, and BLISTERING with REVENGE from a what may be a seriously deranged individual. Posting 10,000 words of abuse in all over 8 months, incl hateful reviews on Amazon too, 1 for a book the hater has not bought or read, making false accusations of racism probably motivated by anti-Semitism. Real race hate there and targeted too, for 8 months.

WHAT SORT OF PERSON DOES ALL THAT? Ask yourself. WHAT sort of individual spends SO much time targeting an author who dared to challenge a hysterical defematory review of his book which claimed it and its author were a threat and danger to children (an assertion repeated in one of the many later defamatory disgusting comments)? Talk about TRIGGERED! A hater who hijacks an author's book pages to spew abuse at him for months then plays the victim. For what purpose? WHY DO IT? WHY? All that time, energy etc. WHY? Just nasty obsessive hateful deranged revenge?  YES! But this is beyond bullying or even sheer malice. That is out and out PSYCHOPATHIC HATE OBSESSION from a narcissist individual with a very twisted mind and someone who may well be dangerous, I think. And what if the hater is motivated by racism, pure anti-Semitism? Does that make it worse or not? Accusing someone of racism because they defend Jews and support Israel - racist or what? Remember, this is a HYPOTHETICAL situation. SUCH a malicious dishonest accusation - defamation yet again.


I have asked author contacts and NOT ONE has known anything like this (maybe Stephen King and that MAD PSYCHOWOMAN in MISERY).  None has had a  review which claims a book can harm and damage children, for a start, and all would complain if they did (SHAME on the amoral Goodreads for not removing such a vile review in the first place). Not one who then had to suffer attack, abuse, targeted harassment from someone (who resembles that deranged loonie woman on Stephen King's MISERY or the psychowoman stalker on BABY REINDEER) who posts thousands of words of abuse and false accusations and disgusting allegations on the author's own book pages and Amazon and Twitter with a nasty taste of real anti-Semitism and racism. HIS book pages on Goodreads, not the abuser's website or pages. HIS book pages, infected by the vile virus of a deranged hater who is seething with rage and envy.


SO in this HYPOTHETICAL situation, who is in the wrong?


The author defending himself or the triggered abuser who posted 10,000 words of hate aimed at him out of sheer malice on his book pages on Goodreads?


Feel free to email me (email to the left) and let me know.




FOR THE SAKE OF MY OWN MENTAL HEALTH, AND ON LEGAL ADVICE, I AM ENDING ON THIS WEBSITE OF ALL MENTION OF THE VICIOUS TARGETED ATTACKS ON ME BY AN ANTI-SEMITIC HATEMONGER WHICH HAVE NOW BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER 8 MONTHS NOW. JUST THINK - 9 MONTHS OF HATE, 10,000 words, 28/9/23-16/4/24 - just a deranged hate campaign of harassment against me. ALL ARCHIVED AND AVAILABLE TO JOURNALISTS FOR WHEN THIS ALL BECOMES A NEWS STORY. JUST ASK IF YOU NEED MORE INFO - you can then follow it up and interview all concerned. This will be a news story and the truth will out and THEN the chickens will come home to roost. I am always happy to do media interviews (TV, radio, press); not sure my cyberstalker abuser will be though as the truth is the opposite of what they claim. I CANNOT WAIT! Truth will out. Good.


I have SO many documents, 10,000 words of abuse spewed at me on MY book pages online mostly (my attacker spewed abuse after 4 of my books, 3 not read by the repulsive thing, 5000 words of hate, defamation, lies, abuse spewed after my beautiful cat book THE NINE LIVES OF SUMMER. I have screenshots and copies of IT ALL. What sort of person spends 4 months spewing  thousands of words of hate against an author ALL because he challenged the deranged absurd reviews of some utter nothing semi-literate reviewer? This is author abuse, real abuse in many forms, and my abuser will be outed soon, and I relish the publicity.


I shall NOT be silenced. I shall SHOUT LOUDER and the media can then do its magic - the great free press can doorstep me and anyone they want. FAME AWAITS MY OWN PERSONAL BABY REINDEER. HA HA! After what my deranged hater has done to me, out of sheer snide malice, well - there will be NO mercy. None. The stress and abuse of the last 6 or so months of my life, the fact work on my Nazi crime novel has been delayed/paused, the money this has cost me - ALL MUST BE PAID FOR. In cold hard cash. Many thousands. You've put me through hell, out of sheer malice in your own hate campaign of revenge, SO I shall ensure you go throigh 10 times that because you SO deserve it as a member of the evil twisted psychocommunity. GOT THAT? Plus, the whole world's gonna know what I have been through, and WHO DID IT (my abuser can be named and shamed all in good time, by the national media, not me), the online abuse from the twisted evil crybully hater who targeted me, the legions of lies spewed by that nasty twisted snide abuser making fake claims that I threatened them and others, then then, incredibly, state complicity in it all. Legal action is coming. BIG legal action. The REAL provable lies spewed by my abuser (at least 10 counts of defamation, LEGALLY ACTIONABLE too) & supported by the corrupt thugs of the state WILL be exposed. JUSTICE IS COMING, FOLKS! I shall not be silenced or beaten, or suffer anti-Semitism from ANYONE. I shall win through this all. A storm is coming - good. I love a good storm! You run at me bully, I do not run away, I run AT YOU. You hit me, then I hit you back 10 times harder. Just like the great state of Israel...






I HAVE FOUGHT AGAINST RACISM, BIGOTRY AND HATRED ALL MY LIFE - MY BOOKS SHOW THAT, AS DOES MY LIFE. I HATE BULLIES AND ALWAYS STAND AGAINST BULLIES WHEN OTHERS ARE BULLIED - BUT NOW I FIND MYSELF BULLIED AND DEFAMED, ABUSED AND LIED ABOUT. WELL I NEVER RUN AWAY FROM BULLIES. I RUN AT THEM. I DO NOT CARE WHO THEY ARE. For some fake autistic crybully hatemonger to spew abuse & accusations at me for 4 months on MY BOOK PAGES and to claim I am racist because I defend Jews and businesses which support Jews/Israel against an anti-Semitic racist mob (outside KFC) is disgusting defamation and lies, malicious and deliberate, to mobilise police - who have been played by a proven liar and professional victim, a real piece of work. THAT will be paid for - in cold hard cash and the warm light of publicity. FAME AT LAST! I have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. Honestly is all. I shall expose my abusers in the full light of publicity. AS IS MY RIGHT. I shall sing it from the rooftops! The more they try to silence me, the louder I shall shout! I GONNA MAKE Y'ALL FAMOUS! Like my own personal Baby Reindeer - a headline the press will surely use.




Watch this space...




For example, disgusting comments like this are STILL up on Goodreads (this comment is replying to a VERY old review for my 2016 RASMUS novel by PJ Vanston - which my hater would have had to search for, which proves malice in the effort). WHY do I have to put up with such disgusting defamation and abuse? This is inciting third parties to join the hater's snide bullying hate campaign and to leave trash reviews for my book. Appealing to tjird parties to join a hate campaign - REAL harassment and bullying right there. EVIDENCE of REAL defamation, abuse, trolling, cyberstalking (which will be used in any context, legal, media etc, to show the nature of my hater and how malicious, mendacious and malevolent they are). Accusing someone of racism is VERY serious - and the LIARS who do that to try and attack their victims WILL BE EXPOSED. This is what the vile hater replied to a review which is 5 years old, to recruit another hater to TEAM CRYBULLY:


"Shockingly the themes of violence and ugly events are also in his children’s book The Nine Lives of Summer. I had to review it with a possible trigger warning for children and some adults due to the animal cruelty. If you look at social media posts the hatred of certain groups of society (racist is an understatement) spills over into his writing. I’ve read a lot of reviews of this and other books on Amazon and many say similar to yourself. I think I’ll read this to see for myself."


That is bullying, harassment, inciting third parties to hate the victim (me).

And here below the nasty snide hater does it again, with the usual pompous pathetic tone (as if it is an expert and is tasked with keeping society safe by issung trigger warnings ffs), this time for a review someone posters 4 years ago. THIS is yet another attempt by my crybully cyberstalker hatemonger to recruit third parties to a hate campaign of revenge against me. And this shows racism/sexism of the poster who has NOT read the book SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE so HOW can the hater say it is an 'honest' review? BECAUSE MY HATER IS A SNIDE DISGUSTING VILE LIAR:


That’s a pretty honest review Jeni. I find it interesting you mention the character of a white man and his tears more than once. What gave you that impression?


'Honest' seems to mean different things to different people - for example, self-appointed Amazon/Goodreads reviewers seem to think 'honestly' means whatever they say, even bare lies. HOW can this person say Jeni has posted an 'honest review' when the person replying has not even read the books? Oh yes, IT'S A MASSIVE LIAR. The same LIAR who claims to have read THE LOVED ONES poetry book which I can PROVE was not read or downloaded in the months this repulsive thing claims it read the book, before leaving a trash review. I CAN PROVE THIS LIAR TO BE A LIAR not a 100% honest reviewer. Prove.


And this has been up for months after that fake lie revenge review from a deranged twisted malicious ball of hate whose hate campaign of revenge against me is more than obsessive, it is psychopathic. But it LOVES to connect with other haters, to incite third parties to join its hate campaign of revenge against me. Typical female-type bitchy girly snide vindictive nasty spiteful bullying playbook. ALL THIS will be made public in any context, media and legal.  


I know right? I was literally stunned reading these. For a million reasons. Rhyming poems like that I was seeing in English lessons when I was 8.


Odd that really, malicious witch, because YOU DID NOT READ THE POEMS - you read the first 12 pages on page reads, no more. I CAN PROVE THAT. But again your typical snide spiteful girly bitchy vindictive hate comment from the nasty crybully. Rhyming is rather good, actually. Try reading Shakespeare instead of slushy gushy girly 4th rate poetry. There are 54 poems in my book. Some use rhyme and some do not. WHY are you so deluded as to think a thicko uneducated chav umemployable housewife like yourself would be able to understand such intelligent poetry? Know your limits, witch.


And here below the malicious one connects with a third party it incited to comment on a hateful revenge review of my BEAUTIFUL poetry book (which after all is in national museum collections, National library of Wales, Museum of London, Sandhurst even because of the wonderful war poems). Here the witch claims my degree and  qualifications are faked or I lie about them, NOW THAT IS HARASSMENT AND DEFAMATION.


Reading the whole lot was not easy and with such highly claimed qualifications this doesn’t lined up with someone with a Degree in English Lit, Creative Writing or many other degrees. Even teaching to young students this isn’t the type of material they’d study from. 



That nasty snide filth has been up for months on Goodreads.

NOTE the defamatory claim the author is lying about his qualifications, by the psycho who have obsessively stalked me all over the internet for months incl my author website, my Twitter, and of course it incited third parties to complain and get me banned from there before it posts 10,000 words of hate against me over 4 months on there (the police did not know about that - WELL NOW THEY SO as will the entire media and TV who may well want a word, witch).


THAT is 1 of 12 or more specific points of defamation which WILL SEE YOU IN COURT. And in the media. WHY post this malicious fiilth? Revenge. Pure hate campaign of revenge by a nasty twisted malicious ball of hate. HOWEVER what cheers me up enormously is that my cyberstalker hatemonger psycho is ill, mentally and physically, and obviously very sad, unhappy and depressed. GOOD. I would not usually wish that on people but on this and other evil malevalent twisted vindictive poisonous creatures, yes. I just hope it lives long enough to be sued by me and pay me the compensation I am due. AND to be  pursued by the media and TV to ask WHY it did what it did. My REAL BABY REINDEER STALKER GONNA BE FAMOUS. LOL.


SHAME ON GOODREADS FOR THEIR NEGLIGENCE - IT MAKES THEM COMPLICIT IN THE HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST AN AUTHOR. A legal case may follow there in the USA as they enabled this whol hate campaign against me, Amazon owns Goodreads so they are culpable too, negligence at best, but really they are complicit - they chose NOT to enforce their own rules on those reviewers who provide them with lots of free copy, so ignored real abuse, hate speech, harassment which breaks their own rules while banning the author so he could not defend himself ON HIS OWN DAMN BOOK PAGE on your pathetic Goodreads website. Watch this space. US attorney time.


Goodreads will be shamed with my hater when the time comes. Any idiot can do free reviews on Amazon/Goodreads and  PLENTY DO - then they call themselves 'top reviewers' and Goodreads/Amazon NEVER remove their vile repulsive posts which attack authors. Utterly amoral or even immoral - if Goodreads followed their own rules ALL these attacks on me would be removed and the poster probably banned. This sitution would NEVER have happened if Goodreads had removed the vile comments on 28 August 2023, which break Goodreads rukles _ I complained 3 times about it yet nothing happened and later I found out why. As the poster provides free copy, (1000+ reviews in 10+ years so over 500,000 words of free copy for Goodreads), they do not apply their own rules. That is disgusting, and will be exposed with my hater in the national media when the time comes. I am sick of them all, and I shall have my own revenge for what has happened to me - and cold hard cash from those who have cost me and caused me so much stress and disruption. You may be gleeful now, hatemongers and liars, but you just wait to see what is coming. Y'AA GONNA BE FAMOUS! Lovin' it! 





Otherwise, I use eBay which has loads of 2nd hand books.

I only use Amazon for my own publishers' three KDP books, paperback and ebook (though I focus on the former always as I do not write bad genre trash for Goodreads pul fiction porn site).










PLEASE NOTE: I am posting all this on here just in case. If anything happens to me, then anyone reading this and any press investigating should realise my harassment by my hater and her team the South Wales police who are not only biased and thuggish, but seemingly institutionally anti-Semitic and corrupt. TRUTH WILL OUT.


JUST IN CASE anything happens to me.


It is that bad in Wales now. I advise ALL Jews to stay well away from Wales  for your own safety - be aware the institutionally anti-Semitic police here are against you and will never help you when you are attacked. SO STAY AWAY FROM WALES. To be honest, stay away from the UK and London too. I disgusts me to say that but it is true. 


I have been receiving so many threats of late, and am pretty sure who is responsible. After all, inciting third parties to bully and hate me is what they have been doing for over 8 months now. Evidence aplenty for that REAL targeted harassment. Those who incite hatred should realise others can run with that baton they made.


LET THIS BE THE PUBLIC RECORD, just in case anything happens to me. I hope it won't, but it may, SUCH is the level of abuse, hate and race hate I have faced these last 8 months online. 


And if I am found dead in a police cell, you now know why.





JUST TO SAY: Many thanks to the organisations and individuals for information,  support & advice - Society of Authors, Free Speech Union, AFAF, CIEO, various Jewish organisations, several journalist colleagues/contacts and many more. Much appreciated. We shall win this thing and get justice, as we all know. You can all have a great story which exposes the extent of anti-Semitism and corruption in the UK, and nails the abusers, names and shames them maybe - up to the free press not me.  Then I shall be compensated for what has happened to me.





ANYHOO, back to MY LIFE AS AN AUTHOR not a civil rights champion.


I also now have some more short stories to add to the 30 or so I have written (8 or so published). Prepping 3 or 4 to submit to major competitions in the next couple of years. Completed a cracking one this year, 21 drafts done to tweak in, so that will be submitted to the biggest national competitions in future. I tend to avoid short stories - which is always where new writers start and which writing magazines & courses are obsessed with. WHY? Impossible to get em published, except in compilations no-one reads that many authors actually pay a fee to be included in. I've won awards for some  of mine, of course - see the other tabs to read three or so. THE PRAGUE VIOLIN won me two cash prizes actually. Love it. On my website STORIES page.


I am now definitely writing my novel/novella about a psychowoman stalker. It COULD be a TV drama but I start with the novel. Planning it out now, I know what I shall call the main character and what she will look and sound like, Oh yeah, I am GREATLY looking forward to writing and publishing it. AND IT IS MY RIGHT TO WRITE FICTION - it is to me incredible I was told by a police officer in an interview that I was not allowed to write fiction. WTF? Britain, 2020s. Or 1984? WELL F U. It is MY RIGHT to write fiction. And your orders to me WILL be reported - in a formal complaint and by the literary press and national media too no doubt,. To be told I am not allowed to write fiction as an author by a member of the pc gestapo. WTF? Shame on you, Nazi.


I have put my children's writing on pause for the time being but have two excellent middle-grade stories done and dusted, which received positive feedback from 2 publishers and 3 agents just before the pandemic. They will be published one day, for sure. I have at least 3 decent middle grade books sketched out too - I am never short of ideas. But I detest the sort of ISHOO-led preachy woke kids' books landscape of now - they are so mediocre, and fail to lift the literacy of kids which I think is almost criminal. They should try to WISE UP not DUMB DOWN. They should STOP preaching propaganda.


Also, kids' books can and MUST contain important issues, such as death and pain - and no, they do NOT need trigger warnings, and nor do old Disney films like Dumbo, Bambi and 101 Dalmatians. Anyone demanding a trigger warning needs a trigger warning tattooed on their forehead. Then they need to be put in a see-through plastic room full of plastic colour balls and left there while the rest of us behave like people used to be behave - NOT LIKE BABYBRAINED MORONS, in other words. Kids are seriously stunted and abused really these days by being overprotected by hysterical ignorant people (women mostly) who think treating them like toddlers until teenage years is good. Not, it is bad and the CAUSE of great anxiety, depression and mental illness in kids who have NOT been allowed to go through the normal stages of childhood. As a result they lack all resilience and cannot cope, then get labelled 'autistic' and 'neaurodiverse'. These kids are SO hurt by their ignorant mollycoddlers. Overprotection is a form of child abuse.


So many new children's books PREACH sermons as their first purpose - much like Nazi/Communist propaganda kids' books which I saw in USSR on my visit in 1979 (yes, really). It is why those books exist - TO PREACH a message and brainwash. YUCK YUCK YUCK! Who wants to read that drivel? Kids do not - it is FORCED on them by brainwashing abusive adults actually, usually ignorant women.


By the way, I know all about the Nazi period from my extensive research for my novel, and also my family history (my father was arrested by the Nazis in 1943 for slave labour, and even though his Flemish family was Catholic, his probable father was Jewish German, so I have Jewish heritage too, which makes me enormously proud).


SO my advice to all writers is this: 




A GOOD STORY WELL TOLD should be your aim, always. Nothing else.


That is what good books (and films) do. They do not start with a list of ISHOOS to tickbox and please the latest pc woke committee. I HATE books like that. They are, in a word, crap - dangerous crap too.


My advice to parents: RAID THE ARCHIVE. There are many superb children's books from the past free of the disease of the woke virus, so find them. LITTLENOSE books; PROFESSOR BRANESTAWM. Lots of top Scandi fiction by many author.


Anyway, I write. It is what I do, and do well.


If you really are an author, you write. You create. Always. That is who you are. That is who I am.


People like me do not retire.


And I shall never - NEVER - be silenced.





The Nine Lives of Summer is a heart-warming tale ideal for both children and adult cat lovers of all ages. 


It is the purr-fect book for fans of A Street Cat Named Bob and A Cat Called Dog, as well as stories about refugees such as The Boy at the Back of the Class.


“A heart-warming tale with a life-affirming message.”


“Often funny, sometimes sad, always full of hope.”


One cat, nine lives and a quest to find a way home


Summer is a cat living happily with ten-year-old girl Sami and her family in Syria. Then the war comes.


Sami and her parents are forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to flee as refugees, leaving Summer behind.


On her journey through nine lives in a dozen countries, Summer discovers her purpose – to find Sami again.


The quest leads Summer all over the world, meeting diverse people from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds, through exciting adventures and heart-break, desperate struggle and survival. But she never ever gives up hoping and searching.


Will Summer ever find Sami, and be reunited with her family in her furever home once again?


ISBN  978-1-3999-4432-8 - Published by Two Fat Cats Publishing, 1st  March 2023

Price £7.99 paperback; £3.99 eBook.

Available from Amazon and bookstores worldwide.

Author website: ; Twitter: @9LivesofSummer


ALSO I am making the first 50 pages or so, 8 chapters, available here FOR FREE:






Well here they are, the result of 15 years' hard work, almost half a million words, 10 books including a collection of poetry, 3 satirical novels, 4 cat novels/stories, a non-fiction quote book, and a Christmas poem picture book.


Thousands of hours' work; thousands in investment in myself and NOT a penny of public subsidy. I would have earned more on minimum wage stacking shelves, frankly.


Was it worth it? Yes and no. Yes for the enormous satisfaction of authoring and publishing real high-quality and worthwhile stories; no, financially and for the energy it has taken from my income-earning projects and business, and then the vile abuse from certain hateful reviewers with issues. BUT that is what dedication means.


It will be if the Nazi Crime Thriller novel ( a very psychological and original speculative story) I have just completed (1st draft) gets signed up by an agent/publisher for a series, with TV/film rights, for sure. It'd make a great movie - actually, my writing is all very cinematic so most of my books would make great films too (animation maybe for the cat stories).


But yes of course, it is a MASSIVE achievement and I am proud of the originality and high quality of all my books. Tbh despite sound commercial arguments, I have no interest in churning out genre ebooks in production-line-crime or romantic escapism genres as some do - but whatever floats your boat... They can work their side of the street, and I shall work mine.


All my books are in public libraries and The British Library. My pandemic poems are in the National Library of Wales and Museum of London 'Covid' archive collections for evermore...

I am pleased to announce the publication of my debut collection of poetry, THE LOVED ONES - A COLLECTION OF PANDEMIC POEMS ABOUT LOVE AND LOSS, by Jem Vanston, on 9th April 2022.


There are 54 poems in the collection, including 10 song lyrics - 9 have links to online demo recordings of the songs, so it's a real multimedia project! Most were written in 2020/21.


It's a diverse collection of poems, some darky funny, others very moving. Lots of poems about grief, bereavement, loss, death but also love - and hope.


Quite a few war poems here - First and Second World War poems, a Falklands poem (song), Viking, Roman, ancient warrior themes. Inspired by the war on Covid really but now sadly and tragically very timely as the war in Ukraine rages.


Two poems here are in the National Library of Wales Covid Collection - POEM OF THE PLAGUE YEAR and TWENTY-TWENTY: A YEAR IN THE LIFE (read them on the NEWS page of this website). The latter was also featured on That's Swansea Bay TV on November 5th 2020 (anyone interested can scroll back on Facebook to that clip), and also praised as 'poignant' by a representative of Her Majesty the Queen. It is most unusual for replies from royalty to include an opinion, so maybe the poem was read by our monarch. Who knows?


The paperback costs £8.99 - feel free to email me if you want to order a signed copy ( The eBook is £3.99 - and the songlinks work better on there.


Here is the link to the book (copy and paste):


1st SEPTEMBER 2021


I am proud to announce publication of my book of quotes:


'THINKING TIME: 365 inspiring, amusing and thought-provoking quotes to get you through the year'


£7.99 paperback - the perfect Christmas present!


Great for quotes for lessons, lectures, services, speeches. Also useful for developing 'Intelligent Mindfulness' - a quote a day for a year for a daily mindfulness focus. And you'll learn something!


Plenty of quotes from Ancient Greece/Rome/China; plenty of quotes from authors, artists, politicians, actors, musicians, film/pop stars too - as reflects my education and interests.


Lots of wise and witty quotes, and great fun too!


Plenty of quotes from people of all nationalities, faiths, races and women. But ALL quotes are there ON MERIT ALONE. I vehemently oppose the patronising racism/sexism of race/gender quotas + only included quotes I feel are worthy of inclusion in my book.


Glad to get fellow Dartford boy Mick Jagger there on his birthday in July, and Freddie Mercury on his birthday 5th September.


Other pop stars include John Lydon, Annie Lennox, Keith Richards, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon also in there, reflecting my musical background, and film stars such as Charlie Chaplin there too. Women include Amy Johnson, Victoria Wood, Oprah Winfrey and many, many more. Loads of authors and poets in there too, and various politicians, historical figures and thinkers.


I dislike slushy, schmaltzy, spiritual motivational quote books and there are so many other there, so avoided such huggy-wuggy touchy-feely fluffy slushy quotes! Though there are some quotes by saints - St David on 1 March - and plenty by various philosophers from all of human history and around the world.


Some have quotes on the day they died such as Dylan Thomas, Prince Philip, Amy Johnson and many more. Some readers may notice the clever choice of quotes for significant dates; others will not. It does not matter - the book still works if they do not!


Anyway, enjoy your THINKING TIME!


I promise this will be a book of quotes you go back to time and again over the years, because the quotes are so diverse, witty, wise, fun and classic - and for every occasion.











MARCH 2020 - SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE, my Swansea Campus Novel.


I am proud to announce that my new campus novel SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE was published on 28th March 2020.


Set in an unnamed and fictional university town in South Wales, my tale has a great deal to say about the education system, woke snowflake censorship, New Puritan culture, gender politics, Brexit and Remain issues, the EU, the state of the nation. Available from bookshops (though they all closed on 24th March!) and the usual online sellers (though there may be a delay in lockdown).


The BEST place to buy it is direct from the publisher who can fulfil orders quickly at any time, lockdown or no: 


Somewhere in Europe is also available to buy direct from me - signed copy - for cover price + £3 postage, or from publisher website, or to buy or order from bookshops, or, if you must, Amazon (who snaffle 60% of cover price but at least stock books by smaller writers, unlike most bookstores). 


This novel has been called 'The Lucky Jim of now'. Or, as it says on the back cover, "It's like a cross between Catch-22 and Lucky Jim for the Brexit Generation". It is dark satire and laugh-out-loud funny at times too, but with some very moving scenes and characters too.


Worried about where education is going and how freedom of speech is under threat these days? Then this is the novel for you!


The novel predicts BLM and the taking down of statues and portraits of white men too - it has already happened in The Town in the story.


As of 2024, this novel is borrowed more from UK libraries than any other of my books, just loads of lends - which suggests it may be on a booklist or two at universities really. I love the way this novel triggers those people it lampoons too, those smug self-righteous types who claim they are 'progressive' all while yelling slogans to destroy Israel and all Jews on the streets of London. The lack of self-awareness is just stunning. Regressive, intolerant and illiberal is what these bigots are, yet always accuse others of racism - well, they need to be challenged (watch this space on that).


Any reviewer or media person wanting any further information can contact me via this website or the publishers. Many thanks.




My Christmas poem SANTA GOES ON STRIKE was published on 30th September 2018, as a colour-illustrated paperback and ebook. (Repromoted for Christmas 2019 with WH Smith book store signings! Maybe in the run-up to Christmas 2020 too...)


It's a funny, heart-warming, meaningful poem picture book with WONDERFUL illustrations (based on my specifications) for both children and adults, and ideally is to be read aloud by families at Christmas. A fitting tribute to my late mum Marjorie who loved my poem and used to read it aloud to her friends at the many Christmas lunches she used to go to every year. It always went down a storm! (I now have it translated into French too, for media in France/Canada).


Paperback widely available online, but eBook not available on Amazon (they do not support fixed-file layout for some reason) so only available on Kobo or Apple or the online bookshop of the Cardiff publishers:


PERFECT for a Christmas present for both children and adults!


"A modern-day classic!"  "A real gem!" "delightful"


Please see the REVIEWS page (top menu) for all the wonderful reviews and feedback for SANTA GOES ON STRIKE - which includes some very famous people too! Thanks to them for their replies! Much appreciated. Odd that strangers show more interest than local media or bookshops here in Swansea, but I guess that explains why we didn't win CITY OF CULTURE for 2021. Well done Coventry - you deserve it.


I shall be promoting SANTA GOES ON STRIKE in the run-up to Chrismas 2019 due to popular demand and the wonderful reviews. Signings at branches of WH Smith, definitely - updates nearer the time. But probably Swansea, Llanelli, Carmarthen, maybe Cardiff, possibly even branches in England. Watch this space.



Out 31st August 2017, A CAT CALLED DOG 2 - THE ONE WITH THE KITTENS was finally published.


If in the UK, buy it here:


Or here:


Suitable for both children and adults. No need to read the first book to understand and enjoy this one. Excellent reviews in Cat World, The Bookbag, NetGalley etc.


Or order from your bookshop. ALSO available at UK libraries - after SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE this is my most borrowed book from them, in the 2023-24 year (just got my PLR stat form!)


If in USA or outside UK, your own country's Amazon will be stocking it.


Jem Vanston AKA PJ Vanston is also author of the satirical campus novel Crump (Troubador:2010), cat lover novel A Cat Called Dog (Troubador:2013), plus the illustrated children's/crossover version of A Cat Called Dog (Austin Macauley:2015) - and A Cat Called Dog 2 (out 31/8/2017). Occasional writer of short stories and winner of prizes too. Author of Christmas picture book (for all ages) Santa Goes On Strike (2018).


I'm also a published song writer (music and lyrics) and musician (piano/keyboards/bass guitar), and have written over 100 songs. Listen to some of my demos here:


PJ Vanston is the author of a new scathing satire on the television industry, the BBC and reality TV: Rasmus - a television tale (Troubador: October 2016). This may soon be optioned by the biggest film agency in the USA. Order via Amazon: (author page)


REVIEW (4 stars!) here:


And here:


To order the illustrated children's version of A Cat Called Dog by Jem Vanston, please use the following information:


Paperback (£6.99)  ISBN: 9781784559595


Hardback (£12.99) ISBN: 9781784559618


Amazon link:


Also available in all decent national book shops now.


The original 2013 edition of A Cat Called Dog can be purchased here:


To hear radio interviews click on the sound files on the left side of this webpage:


My first novel - a dark campus satire called Crump - is sold out of paperback (hurrah!) but still available in e-book format + still selling:


A sequel will be out in 2020/2021.


Here is my author page on one of my publishers' websites:


See news of upcoming publications and events for award-winning author Jem PJ Vanston:


I am proud to announce that The Nine Lives of Summer, my new cat story - for kids and cat-loving adults too - was published on 1st March 2023 via Two Fat Cats Publishing - on the tenth anniversay of class cat novel A Cat Called Dog being published. "A heart-warming tale with a life-affirming message." "Often funny, sometimes, sad, always hopeful." This diverse tale starts in Syria, where the war forces a family to flee, then travels to a dozen countries (Australia, India, Japan/China, Greenland, USA/Canada, Italy, Spain, Wales) through the nine lives of Summer, via a vast array of diverse cultures and people.


For review copies or interview requests, just email or contact via Twitter @9LivesofSummer or via this author website.



My debut collection of poetry THE LOVED ONES - A COLLECTION OF PANDEMIC POEMS ABOUT LOVE AND LOSS was published 9 April 2022. It comprises 54 poems; including 10 lyrics with 9 online links to the demo song recordings provided via links in the book. Two poems are in National Museum Covis Archives: POEM OF THE PLAGUE YEAR and TWENTY-TWENTY: A YEAR IN THE LIFE, which was featured on Swansea TV and was called 'poignant' by a representative of Her Majesty the Queen. Available on Amazon or in shops worldwide to order or in Harrisons, Uplands and Cover to Cover, Mumbles, and also distributed by the Wales Books Council to any Welsh bookshop which wants to order stock.


"THINKING TIME - 365 Inspiring, Amusing and Thought-provoking quotes to get you through the year",  my diverse quote book, is out now. Not in shops (except 2 in Swansea) but available on Amazon as paperback and ebook - the perfect Christmas or other present for all ages. Intelligent Mindfulness with funny, insightful quotes from individuals from throughout history up to the present day. To dip into, read through or use for mindfulness daily.


On 28th March 2020 my new satirical campus/Brexit novel was published - my 7th book. SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE is a real epic - funny, moving and timely. A state of the nation novel which has something to say. 


If you'd like to get in touch, please just email:


Twitter: @acatcalleddog @ThinkingQuotes7

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