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I'm proud to announce that The Nine Lives of Summer, my 10th published book, and my 4th cat book, came out in paperback/ebook worldwide  on 1st March 2023.


Reviews have been excellent - in YOUR CAT magazine and others, plus genuine reviews on USA Amazon, NetGalley, are mostly 5 and 4 star. As have sales worldwide, paperback & ebook.


March was the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first, A Cat Called Dog, which is still very popular - it spawned a shorter child-friendly version and a sequel A Cat Called Dog 2 - The One with the Kittens (2017) which for some reason is borrowed from UK libraries a lot. Film rights/options interest for all of them.


That is what is great about books - they are born & remain. A bit like paper children...who go on to live lives of their own, which you, the mere author and birth mother/father cannot control even if you want to, just as you cannot decide what meaning readers choose to read into your stories. One just has to LET GO... The book is alive in its own life; you, the author, are dead, in effect. (As Roland Barthes argued in his famous 1967 DEATH OF THE AUTHOR essay, a theory later explored by Foucault and Derrida...OH YEAH, I knows my literary theory - after all, I's got my degree in English literature from a top uni & more).


Books LAST and are there for evermore. I am SO proud to have published 10 books since 2010, well over half a million well-written words, bought & read by diverse readers worldwide (esp USA, Germany, Scandinavia for some reason). Some famous fans too, politicians (MPs, lords), household names (David Attenborough sent me over 10 letters, Vera Lynn emailed me when she was 101 years old, Lady Anne Dodd, Julia Baird - John Lennon's sister...). The largest creative agency in LA even got in touch. Yup, Hollywood!


AND they all sell - THE NINE LIVES OF SUMMER has sold well as I mentioned (the average sales for a first novel incl from major publishers is just 400), my 2021 quote book THINKING TIME has sold loads of ebook copies and still sells every year WITH NO PROMOTION from me or adverts; my poetry debut THE LOVED ONES has sold too but sales are not THE focus of a quality poetry collection. My poems are in UK national collections and are there for evermore, out in the world - and intelligent readers LOVE them in all their intelligence, humanity and diversity - some are emotional but the most popular mix that with dark humour too, which intelligent readers love and many poems have been read at memorial services andf funerals, because most people understand the concept of 'black humour'. Any reader offended by such things who claims to need a trigger warning needs a trigger warning themselves!


It is enough for my poems to be out there, and read at services and used in classes etc. I did not write poems to be rich or get eBook sales (70% of such eBook 'sales' are freebie giveaways anyway which people may not realise) or get multiple eBook reviews from self-appointed 'top reviewers' on Goodreads or Amazon online - non-authors and not very educated usually, proven liars who claim they have influence as a reviewer with 'top authors' when they have none. I am a top author of course LOL. These clueless reviewers are SO deluded they think they are qualified to give advice to authors. WHY? They are sel-appointed BS merchant reviewers, not authors. I CAN give decent advice to new authors and do when asked for advice. I know what I am talking about, unlike NON-author saddo online reviewers with delusions of grandeur.


I am ALWAYS wary of online reviews, especially from those who have not even read the book or bought it (which I can PROVE) & yet leave trash reviews and comments weekly on Goodreads (the last from April 2024; over six months of abuse and hate from some obsessive deranged cyberbully there who claims to be a victim of hate after spewing over 7000 words of it ON MY BOOK PAGES. Jeez what a psycho saddo! A nasty thing of pure evil - totally deranged and obsessed with me. I mean, who spews abouse for over 6 months at an author JUST BECAUSE he correctly called out an online blagger reviewer as an uneducated clueless non-author self-appointed reviewer talking total tosh? That is a statement of fact, after all. The thing of pure malice actually claims it is kind, compassionate and respectful to others LOL. Odd that, as I have screenshots of the crybully posting THOUSANDS of words of abuse on MY author pages on Goodreads - all from a deranged obsessive who will very soon face legal action and will have to pay substantial damages to me too, no matter how it tries to play the victim. I HAVE EVIDENCE APLENTY. Maybe my cyberstalker should have followed its own advice to SHUT UP if you have nothing nice to say. What a deranged nasty vile malicious mendacious LIAR psycho hatemonger. No victim - a perpetrator of an obsessive hate campaign against an author, in revenge because he outed the psycho for what it is: a spewer of hate and abuse and defamation. WHY? because it is deeply disturbed and daranged, I presume. SUCH a waste of time and energy. NO LIFE then. A great model for a fictional character though, and I know what name I use too. 


I am SO GLAD to have started the legal process now. The ball is rolling. This WILL be a national story, so my abusers will be in the national news. As a supporter of truth and a free press, I LOVE THAT! I support a free press and they can have a field day outing my abuser and publishing all abuse spewed at me, proven lies too. It'll be on TV too, I am sure, nationwide. No hiding place. I shall gladly share my experience of being targeted by a cyberstalker crybully. I shall write about it too, for the usual journalist fees.


I have suffered SUCH vile and real defamation against me, provable lies, claiming I have sold hardly any books, that I faked my reviews (like the psycho faked its review of my poetry book which i can PROVE she had not read - OH YEAH!), that I and my books are riddled with hate and are threat and danger to children simply for writing a story in which a cat dies and lives 9 lives! Yet more claims, that I am racist (VERY serious accusation and provably false), misogynist (ditto), that I am guilty of hate crime/speech for not accepting some mentalist's self-diagnosis of autism and 30 other disorders (ALL to get attention & sympathy and compo WHICH WILL BE MINE in the end, HA HA), that my books promote animal cruelty, that I have threatened people (provable lie), that I spew thousands of words of abuse at anyone who leaves my books (fake or real) 1 star reviews - when that is just what the PSYCHO does. All screenshots with my legal team now and thanks to them and my advisors - SO much defamation there, the compo will be substantial, from the psycho and the thugs she mobilised. It is DEFAMATION and HARASSMENT and MALICIOUS COMMUNICATIONS. Karma is coming, folks! And I have already started planning how I shall be spending my compensation from both. I'M SO ENJOYING THIS!


So many half-educated nothings with half-baked opinions claim to be experts online now - and boy, the unqualified non-expert often semi-literate 'top reviewers' on Goodreads/Amazon are that and then some. Sad really, the hate in some twisted malicious people, the obsession for vengeance, spouting abuse at their victim like a snide psychopath cyberbully loser with NO life. So very sad and pathetic. 


My poems are actually in the Covid collections of the National Library of Wales & the Museum of London, and Strawberry Field (sic), the new hub for education/training in Liverpool - John Lennon's sister Julian Baird (who wrote the book Nowhere Boy, which became the film) emailed me to say THE LOVED ONES poetry collection is in their library, and may well be used in sessions. Quality poems deserve quality readers! THAT MATTERS. Non-entity non-author haters do not.


SO onwards and upwards, to the future! 


I have lots of plans for writing and publishing - my completed Nazi Crime Thriller is a cracker, the first of a series, and with a real story behind it. I shall not self-publish or need to. An agent/publisher will take my author journey to the next level, with this novel, the first of a best-selling series. Watch this space.


I'm also working on TV scripts, including a short Christmas film set in Cardiff, plus a script on police corruption and a deranged psychopath who manipulates them and others to try to destroy the life of an innocent man she is obsessed with, which may well find its way into a novel instead. I have not decided yet, but female bullying is little explored, especially the way many play the victim to weaponise their fake tears - women are usually victims in crime fiction with male attackers, which the overwhelmingly female crime novel readership seems to want. Perhaps the film MISERY from the Stephen King novel nails the female psychopath more than any other, except that bunnyboiler Fatal Attraction film years ago. My female psycho crybully character is WAY worse than either of them, and operates snidely as a cyberbully online playing the victim while abusing their victim! Based on my lived experience after I was targeted by a psycho for daring to challenge its babybrained deluded hysterical clueless review of my beautiful book which most people love (the un-psycho ones).Very unstable mentally. The way female crybullies get triggered by something, then select a victim to silence, incite third parties to join the girlbully gang to exclude the victim (get them silenced on Goodreads for example), then incite others to spew abuse and provably FALSE accusations/allegations against their innocent victim while perpetually playing the victim themselves - THAT is typical female bullying. Manipulative, malicious, devious, weaponising tears and victimhood. Thing is, they get exposed in the end. I cannot WAIT for that big reveal! I shall gladly help the media/TV to cover it.


The important point is that I (and anyone else) have the RIGHT to write and publish anything I want, especially in fiction - something our increasingly authoritarian state and its pc woke thought police seem not to realise, shamefully. Defamation/libel civil laws apply of course with fictim as they do with false allegations/accusations made by malicious professional victim types on social media - which the person attacked has a RIGHT in law to respond to as well, even if the cyberstalker crybully tries to silence them all while spewing abuse at their victim for months. Authors can freely use real events and people to inspire FICTION, made-up stuff and always have. That is the law in a free society, and this freedom was long fought for by millions too. Authors, just like anyone else, can also bring legal action for defamation and libel, and someone making false allegations and accusations - including on social media, Amazon/Twitter/Goodreads included. The law protects ALL even when corrupt police do not.


I covered the way the UK seemed to be sleepwalking into a police state in my 2020 novel SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE actually, in horrible detail. It is worse now. Much. Just watch the wilful blindness of police to disgusting displays of anti-Semitism on London anti-Israel marches in the last few months - that has really changed me, for sure, made me determined to expose them and to act. With bad laws, and more on the way always, and our woke pc gestapo enforcing them to silence free speech and expression, this country is sleepwalking into a police state where truth-tellers are being bullied into silence. IT ALL GOES IN MY FICTION! And it is MY RIGHT to write it and use whichever names I want for my characters too. I assert it and always shall, and shall fight for it always.


HERE I STAND; I CAN DO NO OTHER. And I shall win in the end.


I am a natural scrapper and like a fight - I rise to it, up my game, perform at my best when under attack from the forces of injustice.


I also see it as my CIVIC DUTY to expose that injustice and the vile anti-Semitism which so many UK institutions are riddled with.


I do not want to be a news story, and have never wanted fame, BUT if fate hands me that card, so be it. When the time is right, I shall REVEAL. No doubt, ALL the abuse & hate spewed at me for months online will be - LEGALLY - made public to all news channels, media, newspapers and online author platforms. That will be a big news story. I guarantee it. Then the liars who spewed abuse and multiple false allegations and disgusting accusations against me for months online in thousands of words of hate on Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, and left nasty fake 1 star reviews for my books they can be PROVEN not to have read, will be publicly exposed, as will the forces they mobilised and lied to - and be forced to answer in a court of law maybe and the court of public opinion, exposed by the press/TV. So be it. Hoist by their own petard. Karma. Those who falsely accuse others of being a threat and danger to children, of being racist, of disability hate crime/speech, of making threats, of faking their qualifications, of making up reviews from famous people, of 'selling hardly any books' of promoting cruelty to animals, of making threats, of writing books full of hate etc etc etc - ALL accusations in evidence of comments online which will one day be in the public domain, legally. Those amoral liars who make false malicious accusations of such things as racism, misogyny, hate crime the rest are BEYOND DISGUSTING - these fake accusations devalue real ones. Like false claims of rape or abuse. Crying wolf needs punishing. 


Mine is a news story of injustice, after all, and shocking - it is my CIVIC DUTY to expose injustice and anti-Semitism, and the corrupt thugs who are the police these days. I support a free press. It is just like the Post Office Scandal actually, for which police are to blame more than we are told. THE TRUTH WILL OUT in the end.


The whirlwind is coming, make no mistake. But that is fun for the future. Always good to have something to look forward to.


I shall of course be taking those who abused me to court, and I am sure I shall be awarded substantial damages in the end, for personal injury and more, no matter how long it takes. I guarantee it.




And I do so love cats!


As I said, I like a fight. And exposing injustice and institutional racism/anti-Semitism and sexism is my CIVIC DUTY and part of my mission in life now. Justice is coming! KARMA!


Many thanks to the organisations and individuals advising me on this, from Society of Authors to Free Speech Union, CIEO and more. Much appreciated.


WATCH THIS SPACE for updates - when the time is right. THE TRUTH WILL OUT.


ANYHOO, back to MY LIFE AS AN AUTHOR not a civil rights champion.


I also now have some more short stories to add to the 30 or so I have written (8 or so published). Prepping 3 or 4 to submit to major competitions in the next couple of years. Completed a cracking one, 21 drafts done to tweak in, so that wil be submitted to the biggest national competitions in future.21 is a lot, but most are small tweaks. I may tweak and edit further too. Depends on competition word length limits too.


I have put my children's writing on pause for the time being but have two excellent middle-grade stories done and dusted, which received positive feedback from 2 publishers and 3 agents just before the pandemic. They will be published one day, for sure. I have at least 3 decent middle grade books sketched out too - I am never short of ideas. But I detest the sort of issue-led preachy kids' books of now - so mediocre, fail to lift the literacy of kids too, and PREACH sermons - much like Nazi/Communist propaganda kids' books which I saw in USSR in 1979 (yes, really). I know all about the Nazi period from my extensive research for my novel, and also my family history (my father was arrested by the Nazis in 1943 for slave labour, and even though his Flemish family was Catholic, his probable father was Jewish German, so I have Jewish heritage too, which makes me enormously proud).


If you are an author, you write. You create. Always. That is who you are. That is who I am. People like me do not retire. And I shall never - NEVER - be silenced.





The Nine Lives of Summer is a heart-warming tale ideal for both children and adult cat lovers of all ages. 


It is the purr-fect book for fans of A Street Cat Named Bob and A Cat Called Dog, as well as stories about refugees such as The Boy at the Back of the Class.


“A heart-warming tale with a life-affirming message.”


“Often funny, sometimes sad, always full of hope.”


One cat, nine lives and a quest to find a way home


Summer is a cat living happily with ten-year-old girl Sami and her family in Syria. Then the war comes.


Sami and her parents are forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to flee as refugees, leaving Summer behind.


On her journey through nine lives in a dozen countries, Summer discovers her purpose – to find Sami again.


The quest leads Summer all over the world, meeting diverse people from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds, through exciting adventures and heart-break, desperate struggle and survival. But she never ever gives up hoping and searching.


Will Summer ever find Sami, and be reunited with her family in her furever home once again?


ISBN  978-1-3999-4432-8 - Published by Two Fat Cats Publishing, 1st  March 2023

Price £7.99 paperback; £3.99 eBook.

Available from Amazon and bookstores worldwide.

Author website: ; Twitter: @9LivesofSummer


ALSO I am making the first 50 pages or so, 8 chapters, available here FOR FREE:






Well here they are, the result of 15 years' hard work, almost half a million words, 10 books including a collection of poetry, 3 satirical novels, 4 cat novels/stories, a non-fiction quote book, and a Christmas poem picture book.


Thousands of hours' work; thousands in investment in myself and NOT a penny of public subsidy. I would have earned more on minimum wage stacking shelves, frankly.


Was it worth it? Yes and no.


It will be if the Nazi Crime Thriller novel ( a very psychological and original speculative story) I have just completed (1st draft) gets signed up by an agent/publisher for a series, with TV/film rights, for sure. It'd make a great movie - actually, my writing is all very cinematic so most of my books would make great films too (animation maybe for the cat stories).


But yes of course, it is a MASSIVE achievement and I am proud of the originality and high quality of all my books. Tbh despite sound commercial arguments, I have no interest in churning out genre ebooks in production-line-crime or romantic escapism genres as some do - but whatever floats your boat... They can work their side of the street, and I shall work mine.


All my books are in public libraries and The British Library. My pandemic poems are in the National Library of Wales and Museum of London 'Covid' archive collections for evermore...

I am pleased to announce the publication of my debut collection of poetry, THE LOVED ONES - A COLLECTION OF PANDEMIC POEMS ABOUT LOVE AND LOSS, by Jem Vanston, on 9th April 2022.


There are 54 poems in the collection, including 10 song lyrics - 9 have links to online demo recordings of the songs, so it's a real multimedia project! Most were written in 2020/21.


It's a diverse collection of poems, some darky funny, others very moving. Lots of poems about grief, bereavement, loss, death but also love - and hope.


Quite a few war poems here - First and Second World War poems, a Falklands poem (song), Viking, Roman, ancient warrior themes. Inspired by the war on Covid really but now sadly and tragically very timely as the war in Ukraine rages.


Two poems here are in the National Library of Wales Covid Collection - POEM OF THE PLAGUE YEAR and TWENTY-TWENTY: A YEAR IN THE LIFE (read them on the NEWS page of this website). The latter was also featured on That's Swansea Bay TV on November 5th 2020 (anyone interested can scroll back on Facebook to that clip), and also praised as 'poignant' by a representative of Her Majesty the Queen. It is most unusual for replies from royalty to include an opinion, so maybe the poem was read by our monarch. Who knows?


The paperback costs £8.99 - feel free to email me if you want to order a signed copy ( The eBook is £3.99 - and the songlinks work better on there.


Here is the link to the book (copy and paste):


1st SEPTEMBER 2021


I am proud to announce publication of my book of quotes:


'THINKING TIME: 365 inspiring, amusing and thought-provoking quotes to get you through the year'


£7.99 paperback - the perfect Christmas present!


Great for quotes for lessons, lectures, services, speeches. Also useful for developing 'Intelligent Mindfulness' - a quote a day for a year for a daily mindfulness focus. And you'll learn something!


Plenty of quotes from Ancient Greece/Rome/China; plenty of quotes from authors, artists, politicians, actors, musicians, film/pop stars too - as reflects my education and interests.


Lots of wise and witty quotes, and great fun too!


Plenty of quotes from people of all nationalities, faiths, races and women. But ALL quotes are there ON MERIT ALONE. I vehemently oppose the patronising racism/sexism of race/gender quotas + only included quotes I feel are worthy of inclusion in my book.


Glad to get fellow Dartford boy Mick Jagger there on his birthday in July, and Freddie Mercury on his birthday 5th September.


Other pop stars include John Lydon, Annie Lennox, Keith Richards, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon also in there, reflecting my musical background, and film stars such as Charlie Chaplin there too. Women include Amy Johnson, Victoria Wood, Oprah Winfrey and many, many more. Loads of authors and poets in there too, and various politicians, historical figures and thinkers.


I dislike slushy, schmaltzy, spiritual motivational quote books and there are so many other there, so avoided such huggy-wuggy touchy-feely fluffy slushy quotes! Though there are some quotes by saints - St David on 1 March - and plenty by various philosophers from all of human history and around the world.


Some have quotes on the day they died such as Dylan Thomas, Prince Philip, Amy Johnson and many more. Some readers may notice the clever choice of quotes for significant dates; others will not. It does not matter - the book still works if they do not!


Anyway, enjoy your THINKING TIME!


I promise this will be a book of quotes you go back to time and again over the years, because the quotes are so diverse, witty, wise, fun and classic - and for every occasion.











MARCH 2020 - SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE, my Swansea Campus Novel.


I am proud to announce that my new campus novel SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE was published on 28th March 2020.


Set in an unnamed and fictional university town in South Wales, my tale has a great deal to say about the education system, woke snowflake censorship, New Puritan culture, gender politics, Brexit and Remain issues, the EU, the state of the nation. Available from bookshops (though they all closed on 24th March!) and the usual online sellers (though there may be a delay in lockdown).


The BEST place to buy it is direct from the publisher who can fulfil orders quickly at any time, lockdown or no: 


Somewhere in Europe is also available to buy direct from me - signed copy - for cover price + £3 postage, or from publisher website, or to buy or order from bookshops, or, if you must, Amazon (who snaffle 60% of cover price but at least stock books by smaller writers, unlike most bookstores). 


This novel has been called 'The Lucky Jim of now'. Or, as it says on the back cover, "It's like a cross between Catch-22 and Lucky Jim for the Brexit Generation". It is dark satire and laugh-out-loud funny at times too, but with some very moving scenes and characters too.


Worried about where education is going and how freedom of speech is under threat these days? Then this is the novel for you!


The novel predicts BLM and the taking down of statues and portraits of white men too - it has already happened in The Town in the story.


As of 2024, this novel is borrowed more from UK libraries than any other of my books, just loads of lends - which suggests it may be on a booklist or two at universities really. I love the way this novel triggers those people it lampoons too, those smug self-righteous types who claim they are 'progressive' all while yelling slogans to destroy Israel and all Jews on the streets of London. The lack of self-awareness is just stunning. Regressive, intolerant and illiberal is what these bigots are, yet always accuse others of racism - well, they need to be challenged (watch this space on that).


Any reviewer or media person wanting any further information can contact me via this website or the publishers. Many thanks.




My Christmas poem SANTA GOES ON STRIKE was published on 30th September 2018, as a colour-illustrated paperback and ebook. (Repromoted for Christmas 2019 with WH Smith book store signings! Maybe in the run-up to Christmas 2020 too...)


It's a funny, heart-warming, meaningful poem picture book with WONDERFUL illustrations (based on my specifications) for both children and adults, and ideally is to be read aloud by families at Christmas. A fitting tribute to my late mum Marjorie who loved my poem and used to read it aloud to her friends at the many Christmas lunches she used to go to every year. It always went down a storm! (I now have it translated into French too, for media in France/Canada).


Paperback widely available online, but eBook not available on Amazon (they do not support fixed-file layout for some reason) so only available on Kobo or Apple or the online bookshop of the Cardiff publishers:


PERFECT for a Christmas present for both children and adults!


"A modern-day classic!"  "A real gem!" "delightful"


Please see the REVIEWS page (top menu) for all the wonderful reviews and feedback for SANTA GOES ON STRIKE - which includes some very famous people too! Thanks to them for their replies! Much appreciated. Odd that strangers show more interest than local media or bookshops here in Swansea, but I guess that explains why we didn't win CITY OF CULTURE for 2021. Well done Coventry - you deserve it.


I shall be promoting SANTA GOES ON STRIKE in the run-up to Chrismas 2019 due to popular demand and the wonderful reviews. Signings at branches of WH Smith, definitely - updates nearer the time. But probably Swansea, Llanelli, Carmarthen, maybe Cardiff, possibly even branches in England. Watch this space.



Out 31st August 2017, A CAT CALLED DOG 2 - THE ONE WITH THE KITTENS was finally published.


If in the UK, buy it here:


Or here:


Suitable for both children and adults. No need to read the first book to understand and enjoy this one. Excellent reviews in Cat World, The Bookbag, NetGalley etc.


Or order from your bookshop. ALSO available at UK libraries - after SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE this is my most borrowed book from them, in the 2023-24 year (just got my PLR stat form!)


If in USA or outside UK, your own country's Amazon will be stocking it.


Jem Vanston AKA PJ Vanston is also author of the satirical campus novel Crump (Troubador:2010), cat lover novel A Cat Called Dog (Troubador:2013), plus the illustrated children's/crossover version of A Cat Called Dog (Austin Macauley:2015) - and A Cat Called Dog 2 (out 31/8/2017). Occasional writer of short stories and winner of prizes too. Author of Christmas picture book (for all ages) Santa Goes On Strike (2018).


I'm also a published song writer (music and lyrics) and musician (piano/keyboards/bass guitar), and have written over 100 songs. Listen to some of my demos here:


PJ Vanston is the author of a new scathing satire on the television industry, the BBC and reality TV: Rasmus - a television tale (Troubador: October 2016). This may soon be optioned by the biggest film agency in the USA. Order via Amazon: (author page)


REVIEW (4 stars!) here:


And here:


To order the illustrated children's version of A Cat Called Dog by Jem Vanston, please use the following information:


Paperback (£6.99)  ISBN: 9781784559595


Hardback (£12.99) ISBN: 9781784559618


Amazon link:


Also available in all decent national book shops now.


The original 2013 edition of A Cat Called Dog can be purchased here:


To hear radio interviews click on the sound files on the left side of this webpage:


My first novel - a dark campus satire called Crump - is sold out of paperback (hurrah!) but still available in e-book format + still selling:


A sequel will be out in 2020/2021.


Here is my author page on one of my publishers' websites:


See news of upcoming publications and events for award-winning author Jem PJ Vanston:


I am proud to announce that The Nine Lives of Summer, my new cat story - for kids and cat-loving adults too - was published on 1st March 2023 via Two Fat Cats Publishing - on the tenth anniversay of class cat novel A Cat Called Dog being published. "A heart-warming tale with a life-affirming message." "Often funny, sometimes, sad, always hopeful." This diverse tale starts in Syria, where the war forces a family to flee, then travels to a dozen countries (Australia, India, Japan/China, Greenland, USA/Canada, Italy, Spain, Wales) through the nine lives of Summer, via a vast array of diverse cultures and people.


For review copies or interview requests, just email or contact via Twitter @9LivesofSummer or via this author website.



My debut collection of poetry THE LOVED ONES - A COLLECTION OF PANDEMIC POEMS ABOUT LOVE AND LOSS was published 9 April 2022. It comprises 54 poems; including 10 lyrics with 9 online links to the demo song recordings provided via links in the book. Two poems are in National Museum Covis Archives: POEM OF THE PLAGUE YEAR and TWENTY-TWENTY: A YEAR IN THE LIFE, which was featured on Swansea TV and was called 'poignant' by a representative of Her Majesty the Queen. Available on Amazon or in shops worldwide to order or in Harrisons, Uplands and Cover to Cover, Mumbles, and also distributed by the Wales Books Council to any Welsh bookshop which wants to order stock.


"THINKING TIME - 365 Inspiring, Amusing and Thought-provoking quotes to get you through the year",  my diverse quote book, is out now. Not in shops (except 2 in Swansea) but available on Amazon as paperback and ebook - the perfect Christmas or other present for all ages. Intelligent Mindfulness with funny, insightful quotes from individuals from throughout history up to the present day. To dip into, read through or use for mindfulness daily.


On 28th March 2020 my new satirical campus/Brexit novel was published - my 7th book. SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE is a real epic - funny, moving and timely. A state of the nation novel which has something to say. 


If you'd like to get in touch, please just email:


Twitter: @acatcalleddog @ThinkingQuotes7

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