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I am proud to announce that The Nine Lives of Summer, my new cat story - for kids and cat-loving adults too - was published on 1st March 2023 via Two Fat Cats Publishing - on the tenth anniversay of class cat novel A Cat Called Dog being published. "A heart-warming tale with a life-affirming message." "Often funny, sometimes, sad, always hopeful." This diverse (and anti-racist) emotional rollercoaster crossover story for both kids AND adults starts in Syria, where the war forces a family to flee, then travels to a dozen countries (Australia, India, Japan/China, Greenland, USA/Canada, Italy, Spain, Wales) through the nine lives of Summer, via a vast array of diverse cultures and people.


For review copies or interview requests, just email or contact via Twitter @9LivesofSummer or via this author website.



My debut collection of poetry THE LOVED ONES - A COLLECTION OF PANDEMIC POEMS ABOUT LOVE AND LOSS was published 9 April 2022. It comprises 54 poems; including 10 lyrics with 9 online links to the demo song recordings provided via links in the book. Two poems are in National Museum Covis Archives: POEM OF THE PLAGUE YEAR and TWENTY-TWENTY: A YEAR IN THE LIFE, which was featured on Swansea TV and was called 'poignant' by a representative of Her Majesty the Queen. Available on Amazon or in shops worldwide to order or in Harrisons, Uplands and Cover to Cover, Mumbles, and also distributed by the Wales Books Council to any Welsh bookshop which wants to order stock. Like THE NINE LIVES OF SUMMER, a troll has targeted this book on Amazon/Goodreads and left a trash 1 * review without buying/reading the book (which I can prove, as the publisher). Disgracefully, the amoral corrupt Goodreads/Amazon do nothing as the abusive hatemonger troll is a selfappointed 'top reviewer' for them (provides FREE copy, over 1000 reviews in over a decade). Enabling a hate campaign against an author, with false allegations, disgusting lies, defamation, is very serious thing. Legal action against Goodreads/Amazon in USA is more than possible so I am adequately compensated for the abuse and hate aimed at me on their platforms, and they ignoring of my complaints bringing it to their attention. Watch this space. Big news story ahead, which will expose the haters and name names.


"THINKING TIME - 365 Inspiring, Amusing and Thought-provoking quotes to get you through the year",  my diverse quote book, is out now. Not in shops (except 2 in Swansea) but available on Amazon as paperback and ebook - the perfect Christmas or other present for all ages. Intelligent Mindfulness with funny, insightful quotes from individuals from throughout history up to the present day. To dip into, read through or use for mindfulness daily. The eBook sells very well, every year, and has since publication.


On 28th March 2020 my satirical campus/Brexit novel was published - my 7th book. SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE is a real epic - funny, moving and timely. A state of the nation novel which has something to say. A brilliant satire of wokery at UK universities and cancel culture - way better than lame TV drama on it I have seen. Unfortunately, published in the same week as Pandemic Lockdown SO that scuppered that then. But together with its prequel CRUMP (2010) it is a classic campus novel all interested in the genre has to read.


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Twitter: @acatcalleddog @ThinkingQuotes7

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