Reviews of Crump (2010)

My 2010 campus novel Crump (PJ Vanston) did very well and garnered many excellent reviews - and some pretty nasty ones (touched a nerve, obviously...).


I was delighted to see it become a set book at schools and colleges in Scandinavia (especially Sweden and Norway).  It was also very popular in Canada and the USA.


Crump is still used extensively in teaching and training - I receive a nice plump photocopy fee cheque every year, and know it's being read in Europe (EU and non-EU) and the USA. It's also used by the UK's own universities, as well as the NHS and the UK government, no doubt in training.


It's quite a political satire, after all, and is still - to my knowledge- the only novel that dares to tackle the issue of Islamic extremism at UK universities and the blind eye turned to it by university management and academics.


The paperback edition has sold out but the books is still available in ebook via Amazon and the usual outlets:


There are some great reviews here:


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SANTA GOES ON STRIKE to be published and promoted again for Christmas 2019 (this time with the great reviews, from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn who sent me a personal letter - which I keep with my letter from Boris from 2010!) There may well be some signings at bookshops in South Wales. Watch this space.


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